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Average of Indian Curries*** Supermarket A Supermarket B Indian takeaway Indian Restaurant Leeds CHEF AKILA
Price/100 grams £1 £1.14 £1.39 £2.20 £1.25
Quantity 400g 350g 500g 500g 640g
Price per pack £4 £3.99 £6.95 £10.99 £7.99
Additives/Preservatives Colourings/Flavourings Unknown Both Most likely Unknown None
How it’s made Factory-made. Extracts of ingredients used. Factory-made. Extracts of ingredients used. With a common base gravy for all curries. With a common base gravy for all curries. Freshly Home-cooked individually from scratch.
Ingredient Quality Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Fresh, Premium ingredients
Oils Used
Nasty oils are a major health hazard in commercial food. We use the least amount of the healthiest of oils.
Rapeseed Oil Rapeseed Oil Cheap Commercial Oil (too much of it) Cheap Commercial Oil (too much of it) Cold-pressed, virgin Rapeseed, Olive or Sesame Oils.
Energy: Calories 134 144 204 Unknown 71
Fat 7.3 8.2 14 Unknown 3.1
Saturated Fat 2.8 2.9 7 Unknown 0.8
Sugar 3.9 4.8 Unknown Unknown 1.6
Salt 0.6 0.69 0.81 Unknown 0.47


SUPERMARKETS: All 20 (chicken, veg/vegan) own brand Indian curries available at 2 premium supermarkets in June’18 are compared and these values are average.

INDIAN TAKEAWAYS: Price: From popular Indian takeaway in Leeds. Nutrition: Data used is from “What’s in your Indian Takeaway” research published by 280 samples from 36 outlets were analysed and reported that a single portion of takeaway curry can have more than 1200 calories! The story was widely reported in the media. See the Safefood report here. You can download PDF of the paper here.

RESTAURANTS: Price: From popular Indian restaurant in Leeds. Nutrition: No reliable data available for restaurants, but many are likely to be similiar to takeaways.

CHEF AKILA: All 20 chicken and vegan curries available are included in comparison and the values are average. For detailed nutritional information for each item, see label on individual packs.

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