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We deliver to most addresses in the U.K, using overnight couriers, in insulated boxes. You will receive the items frozen, ready for your freezer. For some areas of Yorkshire, one of our team may deliver, at an agreed time.

Once you make your order, we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a convenient delivery date. Ours is slow food. We don’t have warehouses to stock food and we cook based on orders. Sometimes you may have to wait a few days for delivery, but we promise it’ll be worth the wait.

We deliver to most addresses in mainland UK using DHL/UKMail’s next day delivery service.
Next day delivery with our couriers is not available to Northen Ireland and some parts of Scotland. If you are in doubt or live in a remote area where you usually have delivery issues, please contact us to check before ordering.

No problem. You can mention delivery choices (leave with my neighbour etc.,) when you order. Alternately when our couriers contact you with delivery time, they will give you alternate options. Since it’s frozen food, please endeavour to get it in your freezer as soon as you can.

Yes. Our insulated delivery boxes act like mini-freezers and they are tested to keep food frozen for upto 24 hours. Items are wrapped in special wool liners and packed with ice/gel packs. If for any reason (delivery delays, hot weather etc) the items are thawed please take photos/videos of them and send us, we will arrange replacement.

All our packaging materials are certified food safe and comply with all the regulations. All packaging materials used are recyclable. The wool liners we use are compostable. The ice/gel packs are perfectly safe to dispose or empty in the sink if you choose to.

Delivery is free to most of the UK for orders over £39.


Please order online on this website if you can. If you really need to order by phone please text or WhatsApp 07760 648911 to order.

We can do many of our items in larger party packs by special order, providing there is enough notice. We can cater for large parties by special arrangement. Please contact us for details.

Yes indeed. If you know people who are curry lovers, have parents or kids who would love better and healthier curries, you can order on their behalf.

Yes there is minimum order value of £39.


Freezing is a natural and safe way of preserving food. If done properly using special equipment like we do, it locks-in all the nutrition, flavour and taste. It reduces risk and helps us deliver you the food to taste in its peak condition.

We freshly cook quickly freeze within minutes of cooking. We use special blast freezers to freeze quickly at the right time. When you heat-up our food, it’ll look, smell and taste as if it was freshly just made at home.

Yes, slightly better, only if you source the finest ingredients, spend a lot of time to cook at home without short-cuts and eat straightaway. We believe that the longer Indian food is stored in ambient/chilled state, the more it loses taste and nutrition.

Most commercially available “fresh” food, particularly Indian food isn’t as fresh as they say. Supermarkets use cheap ingredients and factory-make food and do things to food to increase shelf-life. Takeaways and restaurants have to use lot of shortcuts and cut corners to serve many customers in a short time. Greasy, artificially coloured/flavoured food with cheap ingredients isn’t natural or healthy, even if it’s served hot as “fresh” food.

There are only a few high-end restaurants who are meticulous about ingredients and cooking from scratch, but they cost a lot more for the same quality of food you get from Chef Akila.

We hand-cook each item from scratch, in small batches in our Yorkshire kitchen. No base gravies, no sauces and no chemicals. Chef Akila, Chef Selva and a small team of helpers lovingly cook and taste each item before packing on-site and blast freezing within minutes.

No. We don’t use any chemicals, artificial colours, flavour enhancers, preservatives, sauces, base gravies or MSG. We cook using traditional methods and Chef Akila is keen on things like hand crushing spices using mortar and pestle and grating fresh coconuts by hand.

You can find allergen information on each pack and on each item on our website. We take extreme care to avoid cross-contamination of allergens, cook and store allergen containing items separately etc., However our food is cooked and packed in a kitchen which handles allergens. So if you are sensitive to traces of allergens please contact us before ordering.


We only use traceable and premium British chicken and lamb. We buy lean meat but still hand-trim the any fat off. We buy from local butchers and farm shops in Yorkshire.

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