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Influencer Program

Our Influencer Program

Whether you are a journalist, social media influencer, group admin or have a large audience, we welcome you to work with us.


Help Your Audience

Help your audience by introducing them to our really healthy, clean and delicious food made with all-natural ingredients. Save them from unhealthy, processed food and dodgy takeaways. Make your audience aware of slow, real, hand-made food.

Our food is allergen friendly, all are gluten-free and many are vegan. We have meals to fit most healthy diet plans.

Support Ethical Small Businesses

We support local farmers and other small businesses. From produce to printing and packaging, we source locally, even if it costs a bit more. By spreading the word, you will be helping all of us.

Get Paid

We will also thank you with referral fees, discount codes, free food and more. We know and appreciate the time and effort it can take to help us.


We have various options to suit different audience, please get in touch with brief details about you. 

Free Nationwide Delivery

For Orders Over £49

Just Heat & Eat

Oven, Microwave or Hob

Ultimate Convenience

No Mess, No Waste

Everything Gluten-Free

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