Real Plant-Based Meals

Large selection of Real plant-based meals, all with the assurance of The Vegan Society Trademark. Full of veggie goodness and no factory made fake meats. Enjoy healthier meat-free days.

  • Vegetable Kurma

    This Chennai street-food style delicacy is a versatile side or main dish with any meal. Nutritious, ... more info

    Serves 2 (640g)


  • Aubergine Gothsu

    Traditional side dish at Tamil weddings. Mashed aubergines & diced potatoes in a tangy tamarind grav ... more info

    Serves 2 (500g)


  • Spinach Dal Kootu

    Spinach, coconut and mung dal; Kerala style. Wholesome & comforting as a side or main dish. ... more info

    Serves 2 (500g)


  • Vegetable Dum Biryani

    Traditional Tamil style mixed vegetable biryani with freshly blended spices, rice and herbs. A party ... more info

    Serves 2 (550g)


  • Nutty Lemon Rice

    Basmati rice cooked with fresh lemon juice, seasonings and crunchy nuts. Authentic South Indian tast ... more info

    Serves 2 (550g)