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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks to Enjoy Our Healthy Indian Food

Healthy & Homemade Indian Meals – Sorted. We’ve done all the hard work for you, choosing the best ingredients, roasting, grinding, cooking etc. Just stock-up your freezer, heat-up and enjoy.

Here are some tips and tricks from our chefs and customers. 

Make it Your Own – Hotter or Milder

Spice & seasoning: We don’t over-spice our food. We also use much less oil and salt. If you want to modify our meals, you can do so. Either by adding chillies/pepper (to make them hotter) or coconut milk/yoghurt to make curries milder.

Our chefs will be delighted to offer you detailed suggestions, please contact us.
“We like our curries really hot. I use a hob to heat your curries and add more chillies”

Feed the Family

Our generous “Serves 2” packs are great value for money – should easily feed 2 adults with healthy appetite or 2 adults and a child. Our serves 2 curry packs are 640g (supermarket curries for 2 are 350-400g). 

“I buy naan or make chapatis to go with Chef Akila’s Curries. I spend more time with family now as there’s less cooking and cleaning”
“We and both work and love healthy food. Your food is a staple in our house” 

Healthier Lunches at Work

Take our £5 Meals for 1 to work. All you need is a microwave and 5 minutes. You don’t even need a freezer at work. Just take it out of freezer in the morning and take to work. Less of boring, factory made or fast food.

Make Takeaways Healthier

If you are a fan of Indian takeaways, you can still order other items like starters from them but avoid unhealthy/oily curries. 

“I still get some takeaways, but only order starters and naan to go with your curries & rice”
“Bye-bye greasy takeaways! Chef Akila’s food is in my freezer when I want”

Best Gift – Make Someone Happy

Deliciously healthy food is one of the best gifts you can give. Whether it’s someone who is a vegan, on a gluten-free diet or a curry lover, they’ll really thank you for it. You can either order items to be delivered to them or send a gift voucher. Also, ideal gifts for students, elderly relatives, new parents etc.

“I get it delivered to my daughter who is at university”
“Nice gift to my gluten-free and vegan friends” 

Enjoy with any Diet Plan

Since our meals are naturally lower in calories, fat and sugar, they suit people on many healthy diet plans. Ingredients and nutrition are clearly labelled, so you know what you eat. 

“Your curries with salad or brown rice are regulars in my weight loss diet, I’ve lost a lot of weight” 
“These have much less sugar than the “diet” Curries sold in supermarkets”

Impress Your Guests

Stock your freezer for unexpected guests, parties or family visits. Spend more time with them rather than cooking and cleaning. 

“Guests and parties are a doddle. I just heat-up your curries and Biryanis and impress everyone!”

Take it when you Travel

Ideal for self-catering breaks or weekends away. We have a cool box from Halfords and take our food on holidays or breaks. If there’s a fridge/freezer and microwave where we stay, it saves our family a lot of money and time.

Enjoy Solo Meals

Our single pack meals for 1 are all under 500 calories and under £5. Enjoy on its own or with your favourite salad. Many of our curries also come in serves 1 sizes so you can enjoy with any side dish of your choice.

“As a single professional, your meal for ones are very handy when I can’t cook. I even take it to work”
“I’m a vegan student and I find the £5 meals very filling and delicious”

Eat More Plant Food

We’ve got lot of delicious plant-based options, whether you are a flexitarian, meat-lover or vegan. 

“I have 2 meat-free days a week, when I enjoy your vegan food” 

More Comments From Our Customers… 

“I can’t believe it’s frozen. Smells and tastes so fresh & delicious”
“I used to buy meal-kits. They cost a fortune and make you do all the hard work. Your food saves me money and time”
“If we are to buy this many organic ingredients and cook ourselves, it’ll cost a lot more money and time.” 

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